Bringing Your Kitten Home

Bringing Your Kitten Home

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Getting a new kitten is very exciting, but it's important to make sure you are prepared for your precious new fur-baby before the day you bring him or her home. This makes for a far less stressful transition for the kitten and your family as well.​

-Kittens may leave for their new home at 12 weeks of age, depending on the maturity of each kitten. Here is a very well written article titled How Young is Too Young by Barbara C. French.

-Kitty Cature Cattery accepts pickups only, no delivery and/or off-site transaction sites. You must have a face to face meeting with me, the breeder, before finalizing the transfer of kitten(s). This assures compliance with The United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Kitty Cature is not a retail pet store. This is a passionate hobby.

-Each adopted Kitten will go home with a complementary kitten care package including the following: kitten food, cat treat recipes, toys that he/she is familiar with, and other miscellaneous items to help make the transition of your new fur-baby easier! Pictured below is an example of what one looks like.

-Each adopted kitten will go home with their up-to-date vaccination records along with a health guarantee (explained in my Contract).

-You will need a cat carrier. It is always safer for a pet to travel in a carrier while in a car. I will NOT let any of my kittens leave without a carrier. It is not okay to hold the kitten in the car. Kittens are usually scared and can easily get hurt if not placed securely in a carrier. I have cardboard carriers available to purchase for $10.00 (pictured below).

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Meeting the Family

Naturally, everyone in the family, especially the kids, will be excited to see the new arrival. Children should be asked to meet the new kitty calmly and quietly. Have them sit on the floor and allow the kitten to come to them to investigate. Have the child hold out a hand to be sniffed or pull a toy around for it to see.​ Cats are, by nature, highly territorial, which means they need a place to call their own: it is important to their emotional well-being. It is best to keep your kitten in one room such as your bedroom for the first few days (remember to put a litter box and food/water bowls in the room with the kitten). Cats love their homes, and you too, of course!


Your goal is to help make your furry family member feels comfortable and safe as quickly as possible. Your new kitten is already in a state of stress from the being put in the carrier without momma or siblings, the scary car ride, and having been brought to a new home with new people in strange surroundings. Be sure that you continue with the same food and litter your new kitten is used to as they are undergoing enough changes as it is. Just as you wouldn't leave a toddler home alone to run around unsupervised, it doesn't make sense to leave kittens unsupervised either. You would be surprised at the places they can find to hide that you didn't know existed. Some shy cats and kittens may hide under a piece of furniture while others will be ready to come out and explore right away. Spend as much time as possible in the room with the kitten, speaking gently and soothingly, but don't try to force it out of hiding. The cat will let you know when it is ready to begin exploring more of the house.

Picking a new kitten up off the ground usually frightens it, whether by a child or an adult. Be sure to teach children how to hold a cat properly with one hand under the bum and one under the front legs, held up against their body. A kitten should never be held against its will....It will not want to be held at all if it thinks you won't let it go when it wants. Be sure children understand this and never leave the very young alone with a kitten. Make sure to also kitty proof the house. One way to is wrap up cords that are easily accessible and chew-able to kittens. Never allow a child to encourage a kitten to pounce on their fingers. It may seem cute at first, but soon becomes a very painful game. Your hand should never be considered a play thing.


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