Persian kittens for sale in North Texas

My name is Darlene I am a cat lover at heart. My cattery is located in the DFW area, 30 miles north of Dallas in McKinney, TX. I run a small cattery registered with Cat Fanciers' Association under the name of Kitty Cature. My mission is to produce happy, healthy, and socialized Persian kittens that make great family companions.

Persians have been a part of my life for over 35 years. I can't imagine living without a Persian. My kittens are NEVER caged and live a happy life in their nursery until about 6 weeks of age when they adventure out and run around all over my house! They are well socialized because our kittens are truly a part of our family. They are loving, trusting, and will make wonderful companions. My Persians get all the love and attention they need from day one.

I believe that physical and emotional contact with my kittens is extremely important for growth and development. Early cuddling, gentle petting, and kisses helps them bond well with humans, allowing them to grow up feeling safe and secure with their family. I play with the kittens with a variety of toys to stimulate their minds and help them develop good motor skills.

My kittens are healthy and standard Persian size. I do not inbreed or line breed. I DO NOT ever have "Tiny Persians". Since these cats are bred to be small, their chances of experiencing health problems only increase. I breed because I love Persians and finding families to adopt them. I follow the CFA Breeder code of EthicsCFA Cattery Standard Minimum Requirements, and the Ten Commandments of Responsible Pet Ownership

Being a small hobby breeder allows me to better care for my kittens and give more attention to my customers. When one purchases a kitten from my cattery, you can expect pictures along the way of their growth and progress until they're ready to join your family. I care very much about each kitten's placement. Your new fur-baby will come with his/her age-appropriate vaccines, a health guarantee, and a complementary care package. 

"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats."
- Albert Schweitzer

Kudos to my beautiful (in many ways) and selfless daughter of whom invested towards the purchase of my first breeders (Romeo & Ellie) Her contribution has produced the foundation for the future of Kitty Cature Cattery. 


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