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"I couldn’t be happier with my new addition to the family. Our baby Noodles has brought so much joy in such a short period of time. Rest assured that these babies are raised in a loving, caring, and clean environment and have a very social disposition. I highly recommend Kitty Cature without any hesitation or reservation."

-Maritza from Midland, TX

Persian kitten for sale in Texas

"We can't say enough how much we love our two fur babies, Macie & Milo!! They are out two little rays of sunshine. Darla is so wonderful and helpful! She really cares so much for her kitties and the new kitty parents. She has helped us every step of the way...from before they were born until after we took them home. Thank you so much, we couldn't be happier!"

-Corina from Toms River, New Jersey

Persian kitten for sale in Texas

"Atticus is the sweetest boy. After having Persian over 40 years I have never had one that talks as much as he does. He loves to sleep with us. He is so funny and smart. He is spoiled, but I love spoiling him. You have blessed my life. I love the way you care for the precious kittens as you are so good hearted."

"My husband and I love how you take care of your babies. Seriously he just tolerated my cats but ever since we got Atticus he LOVES him as they are buddies and he tells everyone about that sweet boy. You are amazing."

-Linda from Hideaway, TX

Persian kitten for sale in Texas

"If you’re looking for your dream Persian baby then look no further than Kitty Cature! Darla raises these babies in a clean & healthy environment. I have never seen such playful & happy kittens who are so sociable yet equally very sweet & loving. Haley is perfect & has become such a beautiful part of our family in such a short period of time. I cannot recommend Kitty Cature enough & so thankful for our little blessing."

-Kellie from Wichita Falls, TX

Persian Kittens for sale in Texas

"We have had Wampa since the end of May. She is everything we hoped and dreamed for. She loves to be petted and brushed and is always purring. She’s so adorable and cute and so entertaining to play with/watch. Darla did an amazing job taking care and socializing Wampa! She is constantly playing with our other puppy as well! Highly recommend getting a Persian kitten from Darla!"

-Esther from Bedford, TX

Persian kitten for sale in Texas
Persian kitten for sale in Texas

"I met Darla after I had to put my Persian cat down. It was very difficult for me as I had him my entire life. I immediately knew that she was the breeder to buy from as her cats and kittens were so loving and socialized. I took Ezra home and he is a dream come true. Great with people, awesome with kids and so sweet and loving. You can 100% tell that her kittens are beyond well taken care of. I could not be happier and more thankful for Darla’s expertise, help and her caring for Ezra prior to bringing him home."

-Presley from Fort Worth, TX

Persian Kittens for sale in Texas

"My Lucky is beautiful and everyone in the family loves her! She’s the sweetest! Darlene has taken a good care of the babies. I drove 4 hours from the Woodlands to pick up the baby and it’s worth it! We have a playful, sweet and healthy little girl! Highly recommend!"

-Nicole from The Woodlands, TX

Persian kitten for sale in Texas

"We picked up our first kitten Rozz at the end of May. We traveled from San Antonio, TX all the way to McKinney, TX and back that same date and it was worth the drive. We immediately fell in love with him. He was beyond perfect. Rozz is such a sweet, fancy, stunning kitten. He loves everybody and of course always makes sure he is the center of attention. After a few weeks we decided to obtain our second kitten Dio. It took him and Rozz a few days to adjust to each other but from there on they have become inseparable. Both my babies are beyond perfect and extremely smart. Never had any issues when it came to litter boxes or any health concerns. I truly couldn’t be any happier with both our babies."

-Suzanna from San Antonio, TX

Persian kitten for sale in Texas

"Went to pick up my fur baby Friday and she is so loving! I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter cat! Darla did an amazing job socializing her she welcomed family and friends after just being home with me 2 days! I’m so happy with how great she’s been she lets me comb her her and fluff her out with no problems at all LOL I have Darla to thank for that. Amazing job she’s so great. Also, while picking her up I got to meet a few of her momma cats and they were the same so welcoming and just so cute! I’m shocked at how gentle these cats are and I’m so happy to have one of her kittens. Definitely worth the wait! ALSO we have taken her pretty much everywhere with us and she gets compliments left and right! Haha everyone loves her!"

-Deziree from Arlington, TX

Persian Kittens for sale in Texas

 "We adopted Ace (ended up naming him Aspen) and we may want to adopt another one! We are so in love with him and he's been the best pet we have EVER had! He is the absolute best with our three year old and we can't imagine getting another pet from someone else!! They're together all the time!"

-Isabel from Frisco, TX

Persian kitten for sale in Texas

"Darlene gave me and my partner our best friend, I highly recommend this cattery- the sweetest cats and Darlene was very helpful with teaching about this breed. My Persian is now a year old and she’s so happy and filled with personality- my sister is now getting a Persian from Darlene!"

-Belle from Dallas, TX

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 5.57.40 PM.png

"We got Harper and Bo-Jangles in October. Fell in love immediately. Darla does an excellent job of socializing her kittens. And their character and personalities are so warm and friendly. Never had a Persian before. They are an outstanding breed for us and Darla does an outstanding job of getting them ready for their new home."

-Dawn from Dallas, TX


"My daughter is doing her homework and Chloe just lays with her. It is so cute. We just love her!!! You might just get some future calls, everyone that has met her wants one. Thank you for sharing your amazing kittens!!"

-Nikki from Bryan, TX

Persian kitten for sale in Texas
Persian kitten for sale in Texas

Kittens with their new family members...happily ever afters!

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