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VIP customers can reserve kittens before they are born to ensure that they get to select from an upcoming litter. To be on my reserve list, a $500 deposit must be made. Deposit terms still apply and are NON-REFUNDABLE. The 1st person on the list will get to choose first, the 2nd person will choose second and so on. Those on the VIP list will be able to choose their kitten around ten days after the kittens are born. I will sent pictures for you to choose your kitten with-in a 24 hour time frame or you can make an appointment to visit my cattery and choose your kitten in person.


You can expect the price of my kittens to fall within standard pricing, $900-$1200 (for more information on how kittens are priced, please click here). Before joining my VIP list, please be certain that you are committed to purchasing a kitten from us. The deposits cannot be refunded if you decide to back out for ANY reason. Please keep in mind that I cannot guarantee if I will have a particular color, gender, or facial feature of a kitten. You can view my past litters page to see the kittens that my Dams are likely to  produce. 


My Dam's 2019 VIP lists are below. I keep the lists current. If you are considering joining the VIP Reserve List, please fill out the application HERE. Please note that filling out the VIP Reserve List form is not a guarantee that you will be selected to join the list. I care very much about each kitten's placement. Once approved, I will review your information and contact you within a few days. A deposit must be put down to reserve a kitten and then you will be added to the official list below. 

I now also have a Waiting List option available...

Once the VIP Reserve List if full (closed), I offer my Waiting List. This is strictly for those of whom may have missed the opportunity to join the VIP list and are requesting to be placed on the VIP Reserve List, no Deposit is required for this list. It is simply a waiting list not a reserve list. Please visit my Waiting List page for details.


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CeCe's VIP List (CB)

Born Oct. 5th-14th 2019

  1. Cheryl H.

  2. Shelly C.

  3. Patricia C.

  4. Kaylee L.

Stormi's VIP List (SE)

Expecting Nov. 8th-18th

*Bring in the New Year with a new kitten!

  1. Oliver L.

  2. Open

  3. Open

  4. Open

Jazz's VIP List

Born 9.13.19 (J-B)

  1. Betsy J.

  2. Penelope C.

  3. Carol N.

  4. Open 

Ellie's VIP List

Expecting Nov. 8th-18th

*Bring home a new kitten in time for Valentines Day!

  1. Tiffany T.

  2. Noemi L.

  3. Samantha R.

  4. Open

Kami's VIP List

Spring 2020 (K-C)

  1. Open

  2. Open

  3. Open

  4. Open

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