VIP Reserve List

The VIP Reserve list is the only way to ensure that you get to select from an upcoming litter. The 1st person on the list will get to choose first, the 2nd person will choose second and so on. 
Note: If an opening on a particular VIP list is not your first choice, please know that your deposit may be deferred to any other list at anytime. Those on the VIP list will have priority in choosing their kitten before I advertise in any other way. I do not require that you choose from the exact list that you have joined because I want you to have the fur-baby your heart desires.  
The 2020 VIP lists are below. I keep these lists current (updated 12/30/20)

Please be certain that you are committed to purchasing a kitten before placing a deposit. 

6 Signs You May Be Ready to Get a Cat.

Ellie's VIP List (E-M)

  1. Dani M.

  2. Daria R

  3. Denise B.

  4. Darlene M.

  5. Presley R.


Expected in Spring 2021

Stormi's VIP List (S-H)

Expected in Spring 2021

  1. Anna A.

  2. Yordancy F. 

  3. Barbara M.

  4. Janice G.

  5. Nelly H.                                      


Jazz's VIP List (J-F)

Expected in Feb. 2021

  1. Amy H.

  2. Ashley & Nando S.

  3. Maude E.

  4. Nikki W.

  5. Natasha E.



Kami's VIP List (K-F)

Expected in Spring 2021

  1. Charlotte L.

  2. Julia G.

  3. Mia S.

  4. Diana F. 


  1. Denise B. 

  2. Shaila B.

  3. Russel D.

  4. Open




CeCe's VIP List (C-F)

Expected in Spring 2021

Ruby's VIP List (R-A)

Expected in Spring 2021

  1. Abelardo L.

  2. Donna F. 

  3. Cornellia H.

  4. Garrett K.                                    



Ellie's VIP List (E-N)

Expected in Summer 2021

  1. Gretchen K. 

  2. Danny & Crystal

  3. Deziree A.

  4. Denise B. 


Stormi's VIP List (S-I)

Expected in Summer 2021

  1. Mary Anne T. 

  2. Diane F.

  3. Open

  4. Open

Jazz's VIP List (J-G)

Expected in Summer 2021

  1. Kelley H.

  2. Open

  3. Open

  4. Open



Kami's VIP List (K-G)

Expected in Summer

  1. Kenzie F.

  2. Open

  3. Open



CeCe's VIP List (C-G)

Expected in Summer 2021

  1. Esperanza  S.

  2. Open

  3. Openn

  4. Open                                   

Aurora's VIP List (A-A)

Expected in Fall 2021

  1. Breeders Choice

  2. Diane C.

  3. Open




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