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How much are your kittens?

My pricing usually ranges from $1200-$1500 per kitten. My price ensures that my buyers understand the cost involved in caring for Persians. My goal is to find good homes for my kittens and to be confident that the kittens won't be neglected in any way. I care very much about each kitten's placement.


I cannot guarantee if I will have a particular color, gender, or facial feature of a kitten. You can view my Past Kittens page to see the kittens that my Dams are likely to produce. 

How much is a deposit?

A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required from buyer before a kitten is reserved or to join the VIP (waiting) List. The deposit is deducted from the price of the kitten you select.  Please click here to read more about my deposit policies.

How is pricing decided and why can quality pedigreed kittens cost so much?  

I'm sure you have found a confusing range of pricing for Persian kittens. Reasons vary – colors/patterns, facial features, and pedigree all contribute to the price of a kitten. Do they have the Persian standard traits, such as head, eyes, ears, tail, coat, etc?Are they doll-faced or extreme-faced? Do the Sires and Dams come from champion bloodlines? Are they CPC (color point carrier) Persians? The price of kittens ranges based on each specific kitten. My Dams, Sires, and their kittens are CFA  (Cat Fanciers Association) registered, and come with registration papers. KCC is an established cattery, NOT a "backyard breeder" In my opinion there are five different types of breeders, me being a Hobby breeder. Click here to read more.

What goes into breeding kittens? What is the money used for?  

Do breeders make a profit?  Most breeders will say no because sometimes the profit is very marginal. Most breeders are not breeding to make a profit. I am a passionate hobby breeder, I do not breed Persians for a profit. I love watching the stages of raising my kittens it gives me so much happiness.  A huge proportion of my expense goes towards keeping their environment clean and disinfected, buying the best food I can to keep the kittens well-nourished, advertising, website, seeing to their proper socialization (exercise equipment, toys), maintenance, grooming supplies, carriers, supplements, nursery supplies, CFA registration fees, pet insurance, routine exams and vaccinations, etc. Overall the return, in terms of the personal satisfaction is very much worth the large investment and the expenditure of time in creating my program.

Other expenses include non-routine or unexpected veterinary issues - possibly for an expensive C-section, or a fading kitten that needs to be rushed to the vet. A kitten can easily get an eye injury from another kitten aggressively fighting for the teat and needs to be rushed to the veterinarian office first in order to get a referral to the ophthalmology clinic. Depending on the diagnosis there is also the expense of additional exams, follow-up appointments, and the cost of the medication! This is only part of the expenses, but you get the idea.

Why buy a kitten from a reputable, registered cattery? 

If you are searching the Internet for catteries and for a specific breed of cat, then I'm assuming that you want a pedigreed kitten. A cattery registered with one or more of the major cat registries lends legitimacy to the cattery and the kittens born in that cattery. Purebred animals should only be bred by a reputable breeder who has a carefully planned breeding program. Registration for each litter provides the information for the kittens in that litter to legitimize their heredity as pedigreed kittens. This includes date of birth, name of Sire and Dam, breeder's name, etc. This ensures that you are, in fact, getting a quality, healthy kitten of the breed you are looking for.


I strive to make the payment process secure and safe for me and my customers.

Payments for kittens can be made one of following ways: 

  1. Cash or Zelle (app or website). Most major banks use Zelle with no additional fee.

  2. Mobile apps such as Venmo (between friends only), Cash App or Apple Pay ($5-$10 additional fees apply). 

  3. Personal check for deposits only, NOT final payment.

I will NOT accept PayPal, cashier checks, money orders, MoneyGram, Western Union, or any other form of payment other than the methods listed above. The only way to reserve your kitten is by placing a deposit and joining the VIP list.

Pricing & Payment

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