Sires & Dams

Being a small cattery benefits both the quality of care I give my kittens and cats as well as the attention I give to my customers. I keep only a few breeders so I can provide the proper love, care, and attention that our Persians need.

My Dam CeCe CH Hisglory's Goodness & Mercy is a stunning extreme face Tortie Point Himalayan holding a Champion Title from the Gulf Shore Regional show (06/15/18). I am blessed to have her in my breeding program.

 Her Dam (mother) is GC Cacao Maritza of HisGlory. Her pedigree is impressive with Champion and Grand Champion bloodlines such as HisGlory, Countrygal, Karabel and mostly Cacao bloodlines. 

CeCe has a beautiful sweet face with a heavy flowing coat and a calm personality.

Upon planned paring, she can produce exceptional kittens like...

Female: Red, (and white), Cream, Tortoiseshell, Black, Blue, Blue-Cream Seal Point, Cream Point, Blue-Cream Point, and Flame Point.

Male: Red, (and white), Cream, Cream Point, Black, Blue, Blue Point, and Seal Point and Flame Point.

Persian Kittens for sale in Texas

Mercy "CeCe"

Persian Kittens for sale in Texas


My Sire Jasper La' Amour Bleu is an extreme-face Blue Persian CPC carrier. His pedigree is outstanding as his Dam (mother) is a Grand Champion, Regional Winner; GC, RW Hisglory Anticipation.

Other bloodlines on both parents sides are Cacao, Sandypaws, Fultonblue, Countrygal, Catsafrats and Catbery Tails.

My Dam Jasmine La Monet is a beautiful Parti-Color Calico. She has gorgeous copper eyes. 

Upon planned paring, Jazz produces gorgeous kittens like.. 

Females: Cream & White, Blue, (and white), Blue-Cream, Calico, Dilute Calico, Tortoiseshell, and black (and white)

Males: Black, Blue, Red, Cream, Black & White, Blue & White, Cream & White, Red & White, and Brown & White 

Persian Kittens for sale in Texas

Jasmine "Jazz"

Persian Kittens for sale in Texas


My Dam Stormi La Petite is a Bi-Color, flat-face Persian. She is a Black and White CPC "tuxedo" (her paws and a small part of her ruff is white).

Upon planned paring,

Stormi & Romeo produce gorgeous kittens like...

Females: Calico, Dilute Calico, Black Tortoiseshell,  Smoke, Black CPC, and Black & White CPC
Males: Black CPC, Black and White CPC, and Smoke CPC
Stormi & Jasper produce kittens like...
Males: Black CPC, Blue CPC & Himalayans
Females: Black CPC, Blue CPC & Himalayans
My Dam named Ellie La Rose is a Shaded Silver  Persian. 
Her Sir's pedigree includes Champion bloodlines from Stardazl.
She has beautiful green eyes. 
Upon planned paring, Ellie produces gorgeous kittens like...
Females: Shaded Silver, Silver Patched Tabby (and white), Chinchilla, Tortoiseshell, Tortie Smoke (and white), Calico, Dilute Calico, Brown Patched Tabby (and white), Blue Patched Tabby (and white), Blue-Cream, and Blue-Cream Smoke.
Males: Shaded Silver, Silver Tabby (and white), Chinchilla, Blue (and white), Blue Tabby & White, Blue Smoke & White, Brown Tabby (and White), Black, (and white), and Black Smoke
Persian Kittens for sale in Texas


* Ellie is really a sweet girl, she just looks grumpy because she hated having her picture taken!

Aurora 1 yr.jpg

Aurora "Arie"

Arie Ma Douce Chérie "My Sweet Darling"

Her Dam (mother) is Heart'NSoul's Southern Bluebelle. Her Sir (Father) is Black Ice, also from Heart'NSoul Cattery in Canada

Arie's pedigree includes Champion's, Grand Champion's and National winner bloodlines. 

She is a gorgeous Flat-Face "Visual" Chocolate Persian with stunning Copper eyes!

Upon planned paring,

Arie & Romeo produce gorgeous kittens like...

Females: Tortoiseshell, Blue Cream, Lilac Cream, 25% Chocolate Tortoiseshell and 25% Seal Point

 Males: Black, Blue, Lilac 25% Visual Chocolate   and 25% Seal Point
Arie & Jasper produce kittens like...
Males: Black, Blue, Lilac, 25% Visual Chocolate and 25% Seal Point
Females: Black, Blue, Lilac, 25% Visual Chocolate and 25% Seal Point

Gemma Mon Beau Bijou “My Beautiful Jewel”

She is a stunning Silver Chinchilla with gorgeous big green eyes!

Her Dam (mother) is CH Stardazl Chrystal Chandelier, Silver Chinchilla 

Her Sir (Father) is CH Stardazl Whiskey River, Golden Chinchilla

Gemma's pedigree includes Champion's, Grand Champion's and National winner bloodlines. 



Persian Kittens for sale in Texas


My Sire is a handsome extreme-face Shell Cameo (Red Chinchilla) named Romeo Le Dream
His pedigree includes Champion's and Grand Champion bloodlines.
Romeo's under coat wool is purely white and his back, legs, head, ears and tail are tipped in red. His ​
eyes are a gorgeous copper. 

My Dam Kami Shae De Perles is a flat-face white Persian with beautiful copper eyes. 

Upon planned paring,

Kami & Romeo produce gorgeous kittens like...

Females: Shell Cameo, White Blue-eyed, White, Odd-Eyed and White Copper-eyed and Brown Tabby (& White)

Males: Shell Cameo, White Blue-eyed, White Odd-Eyed, and White Copper-eyed and Brown Tabby (& White)
​Kami & Jasper produce kittens like...
Males: Red or Cream
Females: Tortoiseshell or Blue Cream
Persian Kittens for sale in Texas


Ginger Lily_2.jpg


My Dam Ginger Lily Mon Bouquet Da Beaute "My Bouquet of Beauty" is a  Red and White Van Bicolor Persian with beautiful copper eyes. Lily's bloodline carries the blue and odd eye gene)

Lily produces gorgeous kittens like...

Male and/or Females: Red & White, Black & White. All Bi-color offspring