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Persian Kittens for sale in Texas


My Dam Stormi La Petite is a Bi-Color, flat-face Persian. She is a Black and White CPC "tuxedo" (her paws and a small part of her ruff is white).


Upon planned paring,

Stormi & Romeo produce kittens like...
Females: Calico, Dilute Calico, Tortoiseshell,  Black CPC, and Black & White CPC
Males: Black CPC, Black and White CPC
Stormi & Jasper produce kittens like...
Males: Black CPC, Blue CPC & Himalayans
 Females: Black CPC, Blue CPC & Himalayans
Persian Kittens for sale in Texas


My Dam named Ellie La Rose is a Shaded Silver Persian. Her Sire's pedigree includes Champion bloodlines from Stardazl.
She has beautiful green eyes. 

Upon planned paring, Ellie produces gorgeous kittens like...
Females: Shaded Silver, Silver Patched Tabby (and white), Chinchilla, Tortoiseshell, Tortie Smoke (and white), Calico, Dilute Calico, Brown Patched Tabby (and white), Blue Patched Tabby (and white), Blue-Cream, and Blue-Cream Smoke.
Males: Shaded Silver, Silver Tabby (and white), Chinchilla, Blue (and white), Blue Tabby & White, Blue Smoke & White, Brown Tabby (and White), Black, (and white), and Black Smoke

* Ellie is really a sweet girl, she just looks grumpy because she hated having her picture taken!

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